Kickstart Your Business
12-step educational, coaching program to help you find your unique gifts and build an authentic and outstanding business
is my signature 1:1 coaching program that builds authentic businesses. In 12 steps I'll teach you business foundations and will help you gain the needed knowledge and confidence in order to embody your gifts and start making money by doing what you love.
My Mission with Kickstart Your Business
The world needs more people who do what they love, who put their whole heart into their work, and who feel joy sharing their gifts and creativity.

As a business coach and brand expert in these 12 steps, I will guide you through developing your idea from scratch, finding your strengths and skillset, researching the market, ideating, and finding your own unique selling point - how you are different than anyone else on the market.
In 3 months time you will feel
proud of yourself for finally taking this scary but heart-aligned step and knowing that you've tried following your heart and sharing your truest self with the world.

Imagine living your best life - a life of freedom. A life where you're the boss of your working hours and vacation days. Where you can travel around the world while doing what you love and creating financial freedom for yourself.

Kickstart Your Business is for you if.....

  • feel stuck in a job and you want to do something more meaningful and true to yourself
  • feel tired of constantly postponing starting your own thing and giving your working hours to other people
  • want to build your own personal brand online and be more independent when it comes to jobs and projects
  • are a multi-passionate gal, that wants to find way to combine her work and artistic expression in one personal brand
  • are an artist or creator, who don't know how to share their craft with more people or how to reach broader audiences and new projects
Modules & Program
The 12-step program is separated into 4 main modules:
Realign with your purpose & see your gifts
In the first module, before getting confused with options and ideas, we'll focus on you. We'll tap into the most true and authentic vision of your life, your bigger 'WHY'' behind building your own thing and we'll reflect on your skills, strengths, your interests to find what truly makes you YOU!

STEP 1: Setting Goals & clear vision
STEP 2: Reflecting on your interests & Passion
STEP 3: Owning Your Superpowers
Building your YOUnique offer
In the second module we'll start researching the market, seeing who's already doing this and finding how you are different. My main focus in this module is empowering you to combine your palette of skills and personality traits to build a personal brand that will stand out and be authentically yours.

STEP 4: Market Research
STEP 5: USP: Finding how you're different
STEP 6: Your Target Audience
STEP 7: Building Your Signature Offer
Clear communication and beautiful branding
In order to communicate clearly and find the right clients, you have to know exactly who is the customer you're serving - what do they like, what tone of voice would be applicable to them, what do they need to know about you and most importantly how can you help them.

STEP 8: Brand Core + Wording
STEP 9: Visual Branding
STEP 10: Social Media Strategy
Price your offer & convert your first clients
The final module is all about learning how to price our offers in alignment with our financial goals, Getting rid of limiting beliefs, becoming really confident in selling and communicating your services and learning creative strategies to find and convert your first clients.

STEP 11: Selling + Pricing Your Offer
STEP 12: Business Organisation + Planning

Bonus Materials:
Self Organisation Tools
The most important skill to develop when you're self-employed and working on your own thing is keeping yourself structured and motivated.
Mindset Work
The mind (in the form of fear and doubt) will often come into play trying to trick us but we'll have this covered too. Building your own thing is connected to a tremendous personal development, so be prepared to get stretched and grow confidence & trust.
Tax Advice
That's the BIGGEST fear most people have when it comes to building your own thing. In the program we'll cover all legal things, financial tips and breaking money blockages.
Testing with Clients
The most important element to gain confidence and start working with clients is testing in a safe environement and gathering feedback

The Program Package Includes:

  • 12x Weekly or Bi-weekly Coaching Sessions
    We'll set a time and date that is working for us and create routine of coaching sessions. In them I'll prepare program input and discuss your individual work, blockages etc. All sessions are around 90mins.
  • 6x Monthly Group Calls
    I want to bring the group feeling in the individual coaching because I believe that you all can learn from one another and share experience, tips and learnings. So once a month I'll open a group call for discussions on the program.
  • 12x Workbooks for Individual Work
    Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.
  • Supportive Community
    You'll be added to a special group with everyone who's currently on the Kickstart Your Business Journey and be able to exchange progress and questions on the go.
Why trusting me?
Clients Success Stories
When paying for this course you're making an investment in yourself. And this often feels uncomfortable because we might feel fear of ''would this be worth it'' or ''what if it doesn't work''. I can promise you it will! But you have to make the first step!
3-Month Payment Plan
The payment plan is for anyone who wants to do the program but can't invest in the full price currently.

3x333 €
Full Price Plan
The full price of the program is for those who are ready to invest right away and are not afraid to say YES to themselves!

999 €
Get on a FREE Clarity Call
I take your investment of time, energy and money into Kickstart Your Business seriously and that's I've created a space for us to first meet & connect and decide if KYB is going to be the right fit for you.

The 4 Main Steps to Starting Your Own Thing