Life Design
Life Design signifies the application of design thinking tools, playful exercises and mindfulness practices to solve challenges from your personal life. It helps you redesign the way you see your life, connects you with who you want to be and helps you map out and make actionable steps towards it.
Coaching Sessions
& Exercises
Meditations & Visualisation
Design has a problem-solving attitude. And the most exciting design problem to solve is your life.

Authentic Life Design Vihra Shopova Coaching

Where do I see myself in 5 years?
Working with Questions
& Limiting Beliefs
In our sessions we do exercises which help you to find answers and work with inner blockages.
I feel stuck in life or in a particular family or work situation.
What is stopping me from living my dream life?
It's too risky or too late to make a change.
How can I do more of what brings me joy?
I feel stuck in life or in a particular family or work situation.
Is It for You?
you feel unhappy with your current life situation
you want to fight your limiting beliefs and blockages
you're stuck into a job or a relationship
it feels like you're the one standing on your own way
you want to live your full potential
you want to get closer to your life's purpose
Book a Session
Hop on a 40min call with me and see if we're the right match to bring you closer to your most authentic life.

Life Design Circle

Life Design Circle is another great project which builds up on Life Design through a membership-based community and collaborative workshop program. Life Design Circle aims to connect, navigate and support people through the process of life design - providing them with tools, connecting them with like minded people and opening space for exchanging knowledge and experience.

Check out their Website & Instagram