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The 3 Steps to Building Your Self-Employed Vision
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I created this workshop because I know how hard it was for me at the start. I wanted to build my own thing and start making money by doing what I loved but I didn't know what to pick, how to even start and didn't have the belief I can sustain myself financially.

However, I managed to prove myself wrong the past couple of years.

This workshop is for everyone who wants to start their own thing at some point in their life and want to make the first core step of even thinking

''How can I pack what I love doing in an offer or service?''

If you're wondering ''Where do I even start? I got you covered! No matter if you want to start your freelance practice or build your own business - this workshop is for YOU.

In this workshop I share with you my messy journey and I outline the core framework I use with my clients to get them to make money with what they truly LOVE!
Here's what you'll find inside:
Into: My story and my trials and errors
Step 1: Get informed and inspired
Step 2: Focus on your skills and strengths
Step 3: Find who you can help
The 4 Main Steps to Starting Your Own Thing