A story of a multi-disciplinary girl

Throughout my whole life I’ve struggled with keeping myself in one single professional field. That's also the reason why it's always been hard for me to answer the questions

''So, what do you do for living?''.

Some days I’m a life designer, others a movement artist, a marketing gal, a design thinker or facilitator. I'm a project manager, a content creator, a storyteller and a true vulnerability ambassador. With time I learned to embrace this multi-disciplinarity, to see it as an advantage, rather than a disadvantage and what truly makes me - me.

I believe we all have different sides and interests within us, but we live in a society which puts us in boxes and likes to label us. Already when we are kids we're asked the question ''What do you want to be when you grow up?'' as if there is this one thing you'll learn, start doing and never be able to change. I can't agree with this statement. I believe as human beings we're ever changing and our curiosity and creative flow will always lead us in different directions, searching for self-expression. And that's the beauty of life and what I hope to help people with creating Authentic Life Design.

So, if you ask my LinkedIn Profile, I’m a Life Design Coach, Workshop Facilitator and Brand Strategist with a decent Marketing experience. For my friends I’m a good listener and a support buddy for their goals. Due to Astrology I’m a Pieces with Sagittarius ascendent. According to the 16 Personalities Test I’m The Campaigner, but really..

I’m just a multi-faced girl who is obsessed with self-exploration and expression, who likes equally all of these roles and wishes for more people to give expression to their truest self, and not put themselves into boxes.

Welcome to my space! I hope to see you around.
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