Kickstart 2022
Join me for a 2-day Online Workshop on Goal Setting & Vision Building for 2022
Are you ready to kickstart 2022 and make it YOUR year?
The end of the year and the start of the new one is such a potent time to start anew and get yourself going towards your goals and your dream life. The whole workshop is packed with practices I've been doing for the past 5 years. I'll be finally sharing my tools, knowledge and exercises with you on this 2-day group online journey.

  • Reflecting on the past year and releasing 2021
  • Lessons and gratitude journal
  • ''Cutting Cords'' Meditation
  • Building a vision for the upcoming year in all 10 Life Spheres
  • ''Future You'' Meditation
  • Healthy & realistic goals setting for 2022
  • Introducing new habits: physically, mentally & emotionally
What's included?
Here's what you're getting with the Kickstart 2022 Workshop package:
2x 3h Online Workshops
We're going to have 2 online group calls with coaching input, meditation and discussions.
Recording of the sessions
You will get video recordings from both sessions, so you can re-watch it in case you've missed them
You're getting a workbook full of exercises, tools, planners and habit trackers to reflect in.
2x Powerful Meditations
''Cutting cord'' meditation to leave the past behind and ''Future You'' visualisation to meet your future self.
You'll be in a group of like-minded people to share this experience with and keep accountable afterwards.
1:1 Coaching Session
As a bonus I'm giving you an additional 1:1 online session with me after the course to get you a more personalised help.
Time Table
We're gonna meet over Zoom on the 9th & 16th of January
January 9th
10-13h (CET+2)
January 9th
10-13h (CET+2)
Releasing 2021
Cutting cords & moving forward
We're going to cultivate gratitude and appreciation for everything that went well, learn all our lessons from the challenging times and work with forgiveness and moving forward.
January 16th
10-13h (CET+2)
January 16th
10-13h (CET+2)
Goal Setting & Vision for 2022
Building the vision of the future You
We'll be building a clear idea of how we want 2022 to be in the different 10 Life Areas and we'll set realistic and tangible goals and steps to achieve it.
Workshop Price
Create beautiful, professional websites and landing pages with us.
The price incl. all online sessions, the workbook and the 1:1 coaching. Different pricing plans are possible.
Join now!
How does it work?
The workshop will be held online over Zoom, will also include a workbook, recordings and an additional 1:1 session with me afterwards. It's main goal is to give you safe space for reflection and teach you some routines and techniques for goal setting, goal tracking and vision building.
How do the workshops look like?
The online sessions will be 3h long including coaching input from my side, group meditation, discussion and Q&A. Over the week you'll have exercises on your own, which we'll discuss together in the second session and in the 1:1.
Who is it for?
It's for everyone who currently feel drawn to start a new, get closer to their dreams, learn how to manifest and really make 2022 their year.
How to sign up for it?
Following the link on this page
How much does it cost?
The whole package of the course is 111 Euro*.
I know it might feel a lot - especially if you're not used to invest in your personal (and not professional) development, but I promise I've packed all the goodness within, including a 1:1 session.

*Payment plans are possible