Make 2023 your most magical year yet taking the power back in your hands, awaking the life designer in you and going for the life you want to create.
Complete Alignment 2023
A six-weeks group coaching program
starting on January 4th.
Program Format & Content
Here's what's included in ''Complete Alignment 2023''!
  • 2x 90min Group Coaching Calls (Start + End of program)
  • 4x weekly Videos with Coaching Input
  • 4x weekly Workbooks for individual work
  • 4x Meditations
  • Daily Voice Notes with Inspiration & Tasks
  • Community Support & Group Chat
Are you ready for Complete Alignment?
This is the right program for you if you...
  • want to mindfully transition into the new year, taking a moment to reflect on the past & set goals for the new one
  • want to make 2023 your most magical year, stretching the idea of what's possible for you
  • feel like you've lost yourself and you're lacking the spark in life and want more alignment to who you truly are
  • want to expand your mindset and beliefs of what's possible for you
  • feel ready to let go of old, conditioned thinking and patterns that are not serving your highest potential
  • want to start the year in community and have accountability partners who believe in your highest vision throughout the year
Program Content & Dates
Here's the timetable of the program and the topics we'll cover in the month of January.
January 4th
January 4th
Kick-off Activation Group Coaching Call
In our first group call we'll set the mood, ''rules'' and we'll outline the structure of the program. We'll connect as a group, meeting in truth, authenticity and honestly sharing learnings, lessons from the post year and visions for the upcoming one.
January 11th
January 11th
Module Drop #1: Accepting the NOW
In the first module of the program we'll focus on the present moment - understanding where we stand today, what has happened in the past one year, what are our lessons learned, what are we ready to release and how do we feel about our current life situation.
January 18th
January 18th
Module Drop #2: Building our Future Vision
In module 2 we'll focus on clarity. We'll work on building a honest, heart-aligned future vision and why it's so crucial to have one for our goal setting and general direction in life. We'll remember what it is to dream big, to stretch our mind and possibility and the idea of what's possible for us - or let's be honest .. what we think we deserve in life.
January 25th
January 25th
Module Drop #3: Your Inner Blueprint
What's stopping you from already living this vision? Where do you hold yourself back? What are you scared of? Which voices in your head are popping up and killing the whole vibe? In the 3rd module we'll focus on our belief system which can be our number one enemy when it comes to living our highest and most beautiful life.
February 1st
February 1st
Module Drop #4: Meeting Your Authentic Self
In the last module we'll tune back to love, trust and our essence to create a counterpoint to our inner blueprint. Transitioning from fear into purpose and trust we'll focusing on our value, idea of life and true essence in the world.
February 8th
February 8th
Integration Group Coaching Call
We'll close the program with an integration practice and steps to continue tuning into that vision outside the program. We''ll share our experience, learnings and process.
Why trusting me on this journey?
Vihra Shopova | 2+ years experience as a Life Design & Business Foundations Coach
I've used the tools of this program to uncover my truest self in 2020 when I felt lost, unclear and burned out. These steps brought me to now living the exact life I've outlined on my ''vision board'' 2 years ago - both in my work life, in my romantic relationship, travels and finances.

I know that clarity brings action that lead to result and self-confidence. I know that truth might hurt sometimes, but clears the canvas to paint anew. I know that trust opens up space for miracles.
And I know that the group setting enhances the magical experience.
Testimonials from last year:
Program Investment
222 €
General Program Price with a payment plan of x2 instalments possible
300 €
VIP Price: (incl. 1x 1:1 Coaching Call after the program)